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CSC Division of Inorganic Chemistry Lab Bank


This wiki serves as a repository of laboratory experiments suitable for undergraduate use. If you are an instructor, you may request full access to the site, allowing you to edit experiments or add your own, and view instructor-only material. Just send an email to the wiki administrator, Scott McIndoe, and he'll be pleased to add you. Joining PBWorks automatically generates a week's worth of "how-to" emails, if you're unfamiliar with the wiki format.




Title of Experiment
Keywords Equipment/Techniques prep time/cost
Qualitative Analysis of an Inorganic (salt) Mixture 200
identification of unknown, inorganic salts, precipitation, redox, transition metal no special equipment

The Inert Pair Effect and the Relative Stabilities of Tin(IV) and Lead(IV)


A related experiment synthesizing tin iodide.





p-block, lead, tin, inert pair effect, redox, synthesis

A twist to the 1968 Pass & Sutcliffe expt.

no special equipment
Synthesis and Identification of a Polyiodide Salt 200
p-block, halide, titration, iodometry, synthesis titration equipment
Spectroscopic Determination of a Complex Ion's Stoichiometry: Job's Method (from Angelici, but using Fe(SCN)n) 200 transition metal, UV-vis, colour, coordination compound
visible spectrophotometer
Two Spectrochemical Series: Determination of ΔO 200
transition metal, colour, coordination compound, synthesis, UV-vis scanning visible spectrophotometer ?
Linkage Isomerism in Co(NH3)5(NO2)Cl2 300 transition metal, IR spectroscopy, synthesis, coordination compound IR spectrometer

Synthetic, Structural, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Study of Mo(CO)4(PR3)2



Substitutions in [Mo(CO)6]






transition metal, IR spectroscopy, synthesis, organometallic, symmetry, carbonyl compound


introductory exercise for groups

IR spectrometer






An experiment that does several different analyses on the synthesized compound
vis spectroscopy, polarimtery & magnetic susceptibility

A comparison of [CpMo(CO)3]2 and


400 synthesis, organometallic, crystallography Schlenk line/inert atmosphere, ir, nmr, mass spec  





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